Maintenance and Repairs
Weekly service plans are designed and customized to fit the needs of the pool and the pool owner.

Monthly rates are determined by area supervisors and based on size of pool, expectation of debris from plants around pool, difficulty of access, and quality of support equipment. 

Extra charges typically are billed for removal of debris from major storms, tree trimming, construction, and pressure cleaning.

Repairs are billed at time and materials or by proposal. Other companies may be subcontracted for some repairs involving electrical rewiring, HVAC or propane appliances, or cement/tile trades.

Chem/Brush $80
Weekly stop to check and add chemicals, brush walls, check equipment and clean the filter as needed.

OAM (Once A Month)            $95
Chem/Brush service with a monthly vacuum and tile cleaning.

EOW (Every Other Week)    $105
Chem/Brush service with every-other-week vacuuming and tile cleaning.

Full                                        $124
Chem/Brush service with weekly vacuuming and tile cleaning.